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Making an Impact and Creating Change

BJK Enterprises is a women-owned and women-led investment, consulting, and marketing firm that puts Billie Jean King’s philosophy and brand value to work, capitalizing on her long-standing advocacy for equality.Contact BJK Enterprises

Grow Companies By and For Women

Drive real change and make a difference through investment, credibility, and commitment.

Build Inclusive Workplaces

Deliver consulting to individuals and companies, guiding their diversity, equity, and inclusion journey.

Leverage Branding and Representation

Create marketing partnerships, and manage endorsements and media for our namesake Billie Jean King.

“Everyone is an Influencer.”

Billie Jean King

Amplifying New Businesses

A Portfolio of Ownership Stakes

An investor since 1968, Billie Jean began her business career while competing on the women’s professional tennis tour. She owned a series of tournaments, and launched tennis camps, World TeamTennis, and womenSports magazine.

Billie Jean King and BJK Enterprises strategically invest in businesses and sports properties to grow women’s sports and create equitable opportunities for marginalized communities in sports and beyond. We approach investing by providing unique access to capital, relationships, and resources.

See How We Make an Impact

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Elevate The Conversation

Billie Jean was the first to stand up for women in sports. Few have fought more, and even fewer have won the battles for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

BJK Enterprises brings that determination to businesses invested in real change. Our consulting team follows an integrated, data-backed consultative approach, and provides culture workshops, access to research, and insightful solutions.

We assess, build, act, and keep building. We help businesses be part of the Billie Jean King legacy, and help them build a better world. We leverage our non-profit partner, the Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative, to develop research and support organizations making an impact where it is needed most.

Take the next step to true equality. When we come together, we can win.

Let’s Get To Work

Brand Management

Relationships are Everything

No one knows everything. No one can do everything. All change comes from a group effort. As Billie Jean King says, “Relationships are everything.” She has built unique and powerful relationships during her life which we leverage to make connections, build stronger networks, and help each other grow.

Our relationships allow us to create a unique perspective on industry and market issues. It’s how we create more knowledge.

We bring brands and individuals together to find inner success and make the world better for everyone.

Dedicated to Real World Results

Strategic investing, consulting, and marketing with large corporations, start-ups, financial institutions, sports properties, and media companies.

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