Advisory & Consulting

Build a Culture of Equality and Opportunity. 

For more than 50 years, Billie Jean King has fought for equality and inclusion for everyone. The BJK Enterprises team brings that knowledge, that experience, and that commitment to your company. If you are serious about improving the way your business handles diversity, equity, and inclusion, we’re ready to work with you.

We Elevate The Conversation

Shift the conversation beyond programs and provide leadership insights and new ways to engage all stakeholders.

We Use a Holistic Approach

From top to bottom, there are changes that can be made. We partner with other organizations for a comprehensive perspective.

We Live in This Space Full-Time

Lots of groups talk about equality and inclusion. Billie Jean King has lived it forever. This isn’t new to us. It’s what we breathe, every day.

A Legacy of Making Change

Winning means more than trophies: it means fighting for others and using your platform to be a tireless advocate for equality. That’s Billie Jean’s legacy.

That’s why our team is successful. We know that change is more than lip service. It’s more than a program. It’s about taking a look in the mirror, and deciding to get better every day.

 Let’s talk about your legacy.

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Billie Jean King

Data-Driven, People-Centered, Long-Term

A Proven Approach

True change doesn’t happen overnight. True leaders are never satisfied with good enough. That’s why we’ve created an approach that constantly builds on itself: changing, growing, and evolving along with you.

When you work with BJK Enterprises, you get a team that is dedicated to your long-term growth. We examine every aspect of your business and plan paths toward real change. This means actionable insights within your company, from recruiting to onboarding to talent development to the C-Suite. 

Change means better policies. It means better public relations. It means everyone moving in the same direction.

We’re not here to make cosmetic changes: we’re here because you want to make a real difference. 

Culture and Organizational Assessment

We perform a financial, organizational, and reputational analysis of your current diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives and processes

Talent, New Market Access, and Network Development

We help identify and access new markets so you can expand and diversify your incoming talent pool

Leadership Development and Training

We design, develop, and implement projects that integrate diversity and inclusion with new and existing talent, leadership, and executives

Business Development and Stakeholder Mapping

We create custom plans to define and control how you measure ongoing success in the space

Using Connections to be Comprehensive

Relationships Are Everything

No one knows everything. No one can do everything. All change comes from a group effort. That’s why we have a network of partners: to make connections, build stronger networks, and help each other grow.

This allows us to create a unique perspective on industry and market issues. It’s how we create more knowledge.

Community groups. International businesses. Dedicated individuals. Let’s bring everyone together and make a better world happen.

Let’s work for it together.

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