3 tips for balancing personal and professional success, according to Billie Jean King

Published to CNBC on November 16, 2017

Few people have had a career quite like Billie Jean King’s. The tennis legend won 39 Grand Slam titles, founded the Women’s Tennis Association and defeated Bobby Riggs in the famed “Battle of the Sexes.”

King says that building her career required a commitment to both inner and outer success, meaning that to feel truly successful, she had to find happiness in her personal life and accomplish greatness in her professional life.

Too often, she says, young people only focus on achieving outer success, and neglect other areas of their lives. At the Women’s Sports Foundation’s Athletic Leadership Connection, King told a room of young women, “Everything today is about outer. Do not forget your inner success.”

Here her three pieces of advice for being successful inside and out:

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