10 travel questions for tennis legend Billie Jean King

Published to Orbitz on September 22, 2017

In addition to being a legendary tennis champ, pioneering feminist and LGBTQ rights activist, Billie Jean King is also a great talker. In the time we shared together in anticipation of the film “Battle of the Sexes,” starring Emma Stone and based on King’s famous 1973 tennis match against Bobby Riggs (which King handily won), the world traveler talked about formal tennis rival turned Pentecostal minister Margaret Court (“We don’t have the same belief system…but she’s gone too far”), gave bathroom advice (“Stay in the darned shower to towel off because it’s warmer. Don’t step out!”) and spoke effusively about being a longtime Orbitz fan (“To everyone at Orbitz, thank you!”). Here, she answers our most burning travel-related questions…like a true pro.

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