Thoughts on My 74th Birthday

Published on November 22, 2017

Today, I celebrate my 74th birthday.

It’s allowed me to reflect and have some perspective.

As a young child, I always had a sense of urgency, and now as the reality of years past settles in, I feel more than ever this greater need to get things done.

It’s been an extraordinary year, where I’ve had the experience of building new relationships though the Battle of the Sexes movie. It really made me stop for a moment and appreciate everyone’s role in my journey through life. I realized that you never do anything alone.

I am incredibly grateful to have wonderful family and friends in my life. I am hopeful in the next years to spend more time enjoying life with them and to take care of myself. While we experienced great losses this year, I remain committed to living life to the fullest with passion and purpose, and always striving for freedom and equality.

Let’s keep going for it together.

75, here I come!